Human Centered Artificial Intelligence: Our Inspirations, Mission, Vision and Values

Our Inspiration:

We are greatly inspired by the words and teachings of compassionate AI master and spiritual scientist Sri Amit Ray. He always infuses energy, values, passion, commitment, connection and direction for the growth of our organization.

He inspired us to see the unlimited possibility to make the world a better place to live.

His artistic vigor, humanitarian ideals, true independence of mind, genuine love and gentleness find answers to the eternal questions confronting humanity.

Our Mission:

The fundamental mission of Sri Amit Ray Compassionate AI Lab is to remove pain, sufferings, poverty, disease, hunger, and exploitation of humanity by using the latest technologies and collaborative efforts.

The mission is to engage all levels of people: Governments, International Companies, and Research Institutes that can address the fundamental question of how to eliminate pain and sufferings of the people and society at all levels.

Our Vision:

Realizing the full potential of the latest high end technologies like  Artificial Intelligence, Cellular reprogramming, Quantum computing, Robotics, omics data integration, brain-computer interface, and precision medicine to eradicate human pain and sufferings and bring joy and happiness at all levels .

Promotion of latest technologies like: Artificial Intelligence, Cellular reprogramming, Quantum computing, omics data integration, brain-computer interface, precision medicine for cancer treatment, old age support system, child care, eradication of inequality and exploitation, eradication of extreme poverty,  eradication of extreme hunger from society.

We play a proactive and leading role in improving people’s lives across the world  through our solutions.

Our Values:

  1. Compassion is  the basic human capacity that support health and well-being for living being. We spread love and compassion for human, nature and all living beings.
  2. We promote stopping the misuses of modern technologies for war and human exploitation.
  3. We empower young people by involving them in the development of policies and decision-making, projects and youth initiatives.
  4. We value diversity among our stakeholders, irrespective of gender, religion, country, color, origin, or age.
  5. We play a key role in the development of social communities wherever we operate.
  6. We encourage open discussion and exchange to better achieve our goals.